Farina Station Splash image

Welcome to Farina Station…where the adventure begins.

Camp Grounds, Historic Ruins, Shearer’s Quarters, Tours

You might be looking for a place to relax and spend valuable time with your family, away from the hi-tech distractions of modern city life.

You might be on your way to Alice Springs via the old Ghan route, Lake Eyre, trekking up the Birdsville Track or even to Andamooka/Roxby Downs.

You may even be an old hand at outback camping, whichever way,  Farina Station provides something for everyone.

Either way, look at the country through local eyes and soon you will see it differently.

No theme parks here … unless down-to-earth, welcoming people, that are willing to open up their rich world of experience, can be called a theme.

We, Kevin and Anne Dawes have lived and brought up their family on Farina Station, we’ve seen and experienced this country in its extremes, from floods to droughts. Let us share it with you.